Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wan Valentine 2556: Pratom Edition

A few of the cards pratom 4 students made for their 3rd-grade pen pals in Little Rock, AR
Though I'm not the biggest romantic you'll ever meet, I've loved Valentine's Day since elementary school: handing out Hello Kitty cards to classmates, trading Sweethearts messages with friends, waiting for an unrealistic love letter from my latest schoolgirl-crush... Even at age 22, I'm still a sucker for making and sending cards to family and friends (and obviously the Sweethearts that now include "Tweet Me"). As I reminisced about puppy love, sweets and Valentines to Kruu Meeo last week, my co-teacher was surprised about my experiences since Valentine's Day seemed like a holiday for couples. "No no, krap krua, puan, kon kruu, krai gaw dai!" ("Family, friends, anyone can do it!")

To show that Valentine's Day doesn't discriminate against all the single people around the world, Tuesday's English classes at my village's pratom (primary) school focused on the traditions of Valentine's Day: expressing how much you care about the important people in your life, drawing an overwhelming amount of hearts on a piece of paper, and going card-crazy. 

Pratom 4 students write Valentine's Day messages and retrieve art supplies to prepare cards for their 3rd-grade American pen pals
DIY heart stamps: toilet paper rolls + pretty paints = time to decorate!
A pratom 2 adds another toilet paper roll stamp to her Valentine's Day card
Pratom 1 and 2 students work on Valentine's Day cards in the library, while two pratom 6 students help me facilitate activities with the rowdy 30-person crowd *Thanks Kung and Cream!*
The pratom 3 class pose with lovely cards to give to their families, friends, and teachers :)

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