Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Red Is For Happiness

Red-dyed eggs to welcome Chinese New Year with another year of happiness
A common Chinese New Year tradition is giving family and friends red-dyed eggs, as red symbolizes happiness and the renewal of life. On Monday, my neighbor Get invited me to his family's outdoor kitchen to hard-boil and dye some eggs for him to give to teachers this week. Due to not knowing the colors Chinese New Year prefers (and due to preferences of my own), I ended up with a blue egg that I hope symbolizes equal amounts of red happiness and life renewals. Nevertheless, Get and I ended up with beautiful eggs of joy and rebirth to eat (okay, I was the only one to consume my egg in sandwich form) and give away to people of our choosing. Lucky for me, several sixth-graders decided I was worthy of their red-dyed eggs nicely held in yarn necklaces that I proudly wore for the rest of a Valentine's Day lesson.

Leaving freshly-boiled eggs to settle in hot water before the dyeing commences
Get and I shake our hard-boiled eggs around in dye-filled bowls. If red symbolizes happiness and renewal of life, then blue must mean... Uh oh
Beautifully-dyed eggs to welcome Chinese New Year
My awesome dyed-egg necklaces, courtesy of Grade 3 and 6 *Thanks, kids!*

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