Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lucky To (not) Be There

On my way to a meeting last Thursday morning, I slammed on my bike brakes and couldn't believe the sight across the street: a large truck sitting sideways on top of the rubble that used to be a sign for my sub-district's matayom school. As I took out my digital camera for snapshots of the accident, a couple working at a nearby fruit stand yelled, "SA-LAA SA-LAA", motioning me to come over. The middle-aged woman in her mango-stained apron exclaimed how happy she was to see that I was safe, while her equally-relieved husband explained that the truck swerved off the road towards the school around 11:30 AM Wednesday.

Around 11:25 AM last Wednesday, I remember saying goodbye to the Community Development Officer as I hopped on my bike to head to the matayom school for an 11:30 meeting with the principal. As I was about to leave, the Assistant Community Development Officer Pii Bim insisted that I stay for lunch with her and some of the administrative staff. I hesitated at the thought of delaying my meeting, but Pii Bim persuaded me to turn my bike around and take off my helmet as I called the principal to reschedule.

Pii Bim, thank you for keeping me at the office longer than expected and thank you for making me lucky to not be there.

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